Auditory Artificial Intelligence for Seniors in Care

The proposed Mitacs Elevate project is to develop and test a bedside artificial intelligence system for seniors in care. The goal of the project is to investigate the best uses for AI in assisted-living facilities and aging-at-home scenarios. Artificial intelligence technologies offer two life-changing solutions to a looming crisis in care: first, if carefully developed and designed, they can interact with seniors directly - leading them through daily activities and providing immediate real-time interaction until a human caregiver can help. Second, they can interact with caregivers to act as assistive collaborators in senior care. Therefore, such systems should be easy and intuitive to use not only for seniors in care, but also for their care givers. Several key challenges need to be worked out to take real advantage of these powerful new technologies. In particular, there is a critical need to adapt existing machine-learning techniques for the challenges of interaction with seniors. There are also unexplored opportunities to use interactions between AI and seniors to preserve cognitive and mental health.

Scott Stone
Faculty Supervisor: 
Claudia Gonzalez
Partner University: