Automated integrity control of industrial tools using X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)

To prevent accidents and reduce risk checking the integrity of industrial tools is very vital in some industries such as oil and gas facilities, Nuclear powerplants, aerospace industries etc. These inspections are generally done manually by hand and visual inspection. Which is both time consuming and error prone. Inspection of some complex tools might require disassembling of the tool to get view if the inner components. But the mentioned industries require their systems to run maximum time possible and minimize the outage time. Manual inspection of tools increases the outage time of the industries. In order to reduce the time and cost required for tool inspection, we propose to develop a system that will detect the defects of the tools from CT images of the tool. This will make the operation faster and automated, hence reducing the cost of industries due to inspection breaks.

Jamiul Alam Khan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hossam Gaber
Partner University: