Automatic Analysis of SOTI SNAP Application Data by leveraging Natural Language

You might have asked Google Assistant what’s the weather like today, or a choice for Valentine's Day dinner; have you imagined whether Google Assistant could be your assistant at work too, answering questions such as “Hey Google, what day generates the most revenue?”? At SOTI, we are turning this idea to reality, by integrating our industry leading mobility solution SOTI SNAP with Natural Language Querying and AI technologies, adding smartness to your business. SOTI SNAP is a product developed by SOTI Inc. that allow users to create applications by drag and drop without programming language expertise. The aim is to leverage voice, to eliminate the need to view and analyze several reports to decipher the data coming from the SOTI SNAP applications.

Parul Saini;Weiqing Wang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kelly Lyons
Partner University: