Automatic Annotation of Vertebral Heart Score and Tibial Plateau Angle in X-ray Images

The proposed work combines artificial intelligence and diagnostic medicine. Using X-ray images, radiologists and veterinarians can perform an array of measurements to assess patient health. In a veterinary setting, standard measurements and annotations are performed on X-ray images to assess heart and knee health in canines, namely vertebral heart score (VHS) and tibial plateau angle (TPA). Provided a database of related radiographic images, the chosen intern can develop a method to automatically place annotations and perform these measurements through applications of machine learning. The methods developed in this research will be immediately applicable to the partner organization; these tools will be integrated within iMi’s x-ray imaging system for use in veterinary clinics. Additionally, the methods developed will allow iMi to quickly implement new auto-annotation modalities in human and veterinary clinic settings.

Masuda Akter Tonima
Faculty Supervisor: 
Youmin Zhang
Partner University: