Automatic Seizure Detection, Prediction, and Mitigation Using Minimally Invasive Implantable Bioelectrical Sensors

Epilepsy affects 65 million people globally, with 30% unable to control their seizures with medication.Implantable devices that control brain activity via electrical stimulation are an alternative treatment option;however, existing FDA-approved devices only render 13% of patients seizure-free for up to a year.NerveX Neurotechnologies has developed ANIMO (Adaptive Neural Implant for Modulation and Observation), which solves the key problems causing limited efficacy in existing solutions. By leveraging machine learning insights, ANIMO can offer valuable insights in predicting when a seizure may occur. The present project will be concerned with improving seizure detection algorithms and customizing ANIMO to individual patient needs.

Filip Miscevic
Faculty Supervisor: 
Alexander Mariakakis
Partner University: