Automation of Natural Fibre Properties Analyses

With increasing interest in the use of natural fibres, quality characterization is needed to provide benchmarks and uniform standards in order to use the abundance of natural fibre products in niche and higher value markets. Natural fibres are inexpensive, biodegradable and leave no waste, and are sustainable and readily available throughout Canada. By utilizing natural fibres in various industries, farmers can potentially gain a second source of revenue stream from their crops of selling both the seed and straw and furthermore, a lower carbon footprint can be achieved. The intern in collaboration with the Composites Innovation Centre Manitoba Inc. (CIC) will work on studying the most important physical properties of natural fibres used in determining fibre quality and fibre grading. These factors in turn affect the fibresÂ’ end-use in different industries such as composite materials, automotive industries and construction applications. TO BE CONT'D

Hayder Salem
Faculty Supervisor: 
James Olson
British Columbia
Partner University: