The Avenues and Effects of Mould and Microbial Growth in Condominiums and Apartment Buildings

Mould contamination is of growing concern in our indoor environment and affects people of all ages every day. As an ideal place for microbial growth, mould growth in HVAC and fan coil systems (individual in-suite heating and air-conditioning systems) in the ductwork is often overlooked because it is not as readily visible. However, exposure to mould spores and fragments can often cause severe problems and allergic reactions. At the Certified Group of Companies Inc., our Mitacs intern will work closely on identifying mechanical, biological and legal fundamentals of mould that can impact human health. With this information, a written protocol on specific steps to be followed upon the discovery of mould growth within the condominium industry will be used to educate people on the side effects of mould as well pushing the industry to maintain due diligence in protecting the indoor air environment of all people.

Urvashi Vyas
Faculty Supervisor: 
Roberta Fulthorpe
Project Year: