Bare glass: electro-optic integrated circuits for a software defined networking capable Tbit/s transceiver

The only constant in communications networks is change. Software defined networking (SDN) and elastic optical networking (EON) technologies enable adaptation to change but their implementation is impeded by the rigidity of network infrastructure and specifically the optical transport layer. Analogous to the term ‘bare metal’ used to describe commodity electronics, ‘bare glass’ photonics technology is need be developed so that all network functions electronic or optical are software defined. This project will contribute to this goal by demonstrating a software defined networking elastic optical network capable transceiver enabled by emerging universal linear coherent optical systems technology. The partner company will use the results of this project to inform its > 100 Gbit/s product development plan.

Mehedi Hasan
Hamdam Nikkhah
Faculty Supervisor: 
Karin Hinzer
Partner University: