Beaver Hills Biosphere Communications: Advancing place-based heritage appreciation and stewardship

The Beaver Hills Biosphere is a newly established biosphere reserve that needs to communicate why it is a special place to its residents and visitors. The UNESCO Biosphere program wants biosphere reserves to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge on environmental problems and solutions, and to foster environmental education for sustainable development. Research related to environmental education, public history, Indigenous histories and communications efficacy can highlight the importance of personal place-relationships within a biosphere. This research can address a fundamental biosphere-related objective -- to understand the stories of citizens and visitors of the area and to develop community connections to the biosphere, contributing to sustainability, resilience, and knowledge mobilization goals. TO BE CONT'D

Linnea Bell;Jill Bueddefeld;Julie Ostrem
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pearl Ann Reichwein;Daniel Sims;Elizabeth Halpenny;Glen Hvenegaard
Partner University: