Behaviour and Design of Direct-Formed Hollow Structural Sections

This research will focus on direct-formed square and rectangular hollow sections (collectively referred to as RHS hereinafter) under combined compression and bending. The effects of the novel direct-forming approach on the beam-column behaviour of RHS will be quantified via experimental testing. The beam-column testing program will include RHS with material nominal yield strengths of 350 and 690 MPa. A finite element (FE) study will be performed with models developed using the measured residual stresses, strength properties and geometric imperfections in direct-formed RHS. The modelling approach will be validated against the experimental data from beam-column tests. The beam-column behaviour of direct-formed regular- and high-strength RHS will be studied via an FE parametric study to cover a wide range of cross-sectional dimensions and material properties. Design recommendations for the new RHS products under combined compression and bending will be developed.

Chengcheng Zhang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Min Sun
British Columbia
Partner University: