Benefits and Challenges of using a Digital Health Platform for Remote Delivery of Allied Health Provider Services

The research project aims to discover the experience of two user groups interacting with a prototype developed by HealthQb. The user groups are patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pain and/or infertility, and their allied health practitioners, such as chiropractors, kinesiologists, naturopaths, osteopaths and physiotherapists. The patients will wear a wearable device that collects biometric data and input their subjective state into a mobile app and complete psychometric assessments; and the practitioners will use the analyzed data on a web-hosted dashboard developed by HealthQb, in hopes of delivering better inform treatment and remotely monitoring patient progress. Insights generated from the research will inform the design and development of a commercialized product, which HealthQb intends to develop by the end of 2020.

Azadeh Forghani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carman Neustaedter
British Columbia
Partner University: