Benefits and Challenges of using a Digital Health Platform for Remote Delivery of Allied Health Provider Services

The proposed research is aimed at understanding and predicting the adoption rate for a proposed commercialized platform, based on the HQB Prototype, and for providing essential insights into the user experience by both user groups of the HQB Prototype that will be included in the design specifications for the commercialized product.

HealthQB has been researching indications of the parasympathetic nervous system and wellbeing of chronic pain patients in allied health since 2018. The company established a formal relationship with the UBC Vision Lab directed by James Enns, by funding a MITACS project that employed Dr. Veronica Dudarev, PhD, full-time to study heart rate variability (being the indicator of parasympathetic nervous system activity) and subjective reports of wellbeing in chronic pain patients. As a pilot study, patients were recruited through the multidisciplinary allied health clinic Fit To Train, located in downtown Vancouver. The allied health practitioners involved included Greg Elliott (Kinesiologist), Jessica Reigh (Physiotherapist) and Shoko Nagai (RMT).

Zohreh Dehghani Champiri
Faculty Supervisor: 
Brian Fisher
British Columbia
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