Best Practice Framework for Healthcare Innovation Infrastructure, Implementation and Learning Campus

This study focuses on identifying best practices to guide the development of the PHC healthcare innovation and learning campus. PHC and the UBC research team seeks to build a design structure matrix (DSM) to inform the PHC about governance, key process, organizing structures, operating practices, intellectual property (IP), partnering approaches, partnership agreements, and implementation plans for developing an innovation hub ecosystem. Through conducting environmental scans and qualitative interviews with key stakeholders, this internship will capture insights from partners across industry (e.g., health systems companies, research departments, academic researchers and government standards groups, including exemplar hospitals, physicians, other care providers, industry partners, systems companies, researchers, and the federal and provincial Minsters of Health and Canada Health Infoway) regarding key factors to develop an ecosystem to support innovative healthcare and health service delivery in the 21st century.

John Henderson
Faculty Supervisor: 
Barbara Marcolin;Eric Li
British Columbia
Partner University: