Big Data Processing and Analysis

Addictive Mobility is a leading (Big Data) online advertising company in Canada. They use real-time bidding (RTB) platform for online display advertising in mobile devices, where multiple companies compete to show a certain Ad to a specific user at a certain time. The goal is to optimize the system such that they minimize the cost over the campaign period but also send targeted ads to maximize return on investment such as number of clicks or purchases. Massive number of data, which they collect as a result of Ad exchanges, calls for tools such as data visualization, data mining and machine learning methods, which can help to make sense of Big Data. Maximization of return on investment requires learning user behavior from the massive collected data to show the Ad that will maximize the probability of user interaction, and that’s a pure machine learning and optimization problem. Enhancing this process is at the core of the business, and will highly affect the company’s reputation and return.

Lubna Khader
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Anthony Bonner