Biosurfactants production by fermentation

The proposed project is a collaboration between InnuScience and researchers in the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department at Western University. InnuScience uses biotechnology to replace harmful chemicals, eliminate waste, and deliver sustainable cleaning solutions for the cleaning industry. This research collaboration will experimentally optimize the production of biosurfactants by microorganisms via fermentation pathways, focusing on cleaning applications. These molecules are naturally occurring and consist of a polar group and a non-polar tail, hence acting as biosurfactants. They might be a green replacement for petrochemicals as they can be produced from renewable resources, are easily biodegradable, and exhibit low eco-toxicity. This project aims to identify promising combinations of fermentation conditions, purification methods, and product stabilization for applications relevant to InnuScience, a leader in the field of biotechnology for the cleaning industry.

Rachel Schneiderman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dominic Pjontek;Lars Rehmann
Partner University: