Bipolar Membranes for Electrochemical Technologies

Electrochemical water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen gas is a technology of growing importance in the clean energy storage and conversion sector. While this technology has been operating successfully for decades using liquid electroytes, emerging technology uses membranes to provide physical separation of the cathode and anode compartments and thereby separation of the product gases, while allowing ions to flow between electrolytes in order for the electrochemical reactions to occur. The membranes used in electrolyzers are typically acidic, proton exchange membranes (PEM), e.g., Nafion. Alkaline membranes have recently emerged as potential replacements because alkaline conditions allow inexpensive electrocatalysts to be employed in the cathode. TO BE CONT"D

Sogol Borjian Borojeni
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Eikerling
British Columbia
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