Blade Fragmentation modeling in hard-wall containment systems

According to the existing airworthiness standards, aircraft turbofan engine certification must demonstrate its ability to contain a fan blade should the blade accidentally separate under critical operating conditions. P&WC has established a full engine computational analysis process. In the continuing evolution of this modelling process, several areas requiring improvement have been identified as critical. One of them – which is the focus of this research proposal – is the ability to capture accurately in modeling the fragmentation of the released blade that can happen upon its collision with rotor casing. Applicability of several simulation techniques for blade fragmentation modeling will be investigated in this study. Outcomes of simulations will be ranked based on (i) their ability to predict fragmentation of the blade observed experimentally, and (ii) computational time required. The study will result in development of best practices for conducting blade-off simulations that can accurately represent the fragmentation of the released blade.

Christopher Francia
Faculty Supervisor: 
Aleksandr Cherniaev
Partner University: