BLH Personalized Smart Wig Simulation and Health Monitoring

Wig is a wearable device that can be used to help with many aspects of our lives. Since it is in close contact with the human body, it makes it a great tool for human health monitoring. This can be done through the hidden sensors in wigs that keep collecting information about physical and mental health of users. Since different wigs match different people, considering the shape of their head, skin color and their own preferences, it is important for users to know how a certain wig changes their appearance. In this work, we plan to develop a smartphone application that lets users see themselves with new wigs without necessarily having to wear them, using their smartphone cameras. Users will be able to take a short video of themselves and see whether a wig that they chose fits them or not, only by a few clicks on their smartphones.

Ali Sekhavati
Faculty Supervisor: 
WonSook Lee
Partner University: