Body pose estimation using Mocap data acquisition

Recent advances in wearable devices have allowed athletes to monitor some determinant factors of their sport performance. In addition, they can be used to develop real-time 3D avatars of people to compete with them during dynamic activities. Kinetyx recently developed insoles with multiple sensors that can be worn within a shoe while performing many activities. These sensors can monitor the loading and kinematics of individuals during outdoor activities as well as identify the type of activity. Using these insoles added to other body-worn IMUs, we will develop algorithms that can reconstruct the personalized avatars of individuals during these outdoor activities using an artificial intelligence approach. These avatars are finally aimed to be used for several purposes such as real-time feedback to athletes, improving their performance and preventing injuries.

Jeffrey Ens;Pablo Enrique Cardenas Viera
Faculty Supervisor: 
Philippe Pasquier
British Columbia
Partner University: