BoneTape: A Novel Craniomaxillofacial Fixation Technology

Cohesys is developing a surgical tape indicated for stabilizing fractures to the face and cranium. In order for a tape to function inside the body, the adhesive must be non-toxic and be able to adhere and maintain strength overtime, in an environment which is wet, filled with proteins and other molecules and be able to withstand physiological temperature (~37˚C). As such, the Santerre lab at the University of Toronto has developed an adhesive platform designed to function in vivo. The adhesive is designed to mimic the way marine mussels adhere to substrates in nature (underwater). The proposed project is designed to take the adhesive technology, designed at the University of Toronto, and translate it into a medical device. We will assess mechanical performance overtime and optimize formulations of the adhesive in order to resist water or biological fluids, while maintaining strength. We will also assess the cell toxicity and biocompatibility in cell and small animal models, designed to show safety for use in humans. This work lays the ground work for the required experiments and documentation for an application for FDA clearance, which is the main objective of the supporting partner organization, Cohesys.

Janaina Bortolatto;Alexander Lausch
Faculty Supervisor: 
Paul Santerre