BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention Project

The BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention Project is a research, community engagement and sexual expoitation prevention program to protect children and youth in Canada. The objective of the BRAVE Education research project is to firstly develop evidence-based solutions and then to use a Community-based Participatory Action Research Framework, to help prevent sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. These solutions will be effective, adaptable and culturally relevant, focusing on Indigenous communities and urban settings where there are high concentrations of young people who are at risk. BRAVE recognizes the importance of respecting the culture and traditions of Indigenous people, the unique needs of people who have experienced trauma as well as the newcomer cultural context.
Starting with a multidisciplinary team of researchers, this project will:
? consult with stakeholders in collaborative, culturally-relevant ways,
? map existing prevention programming,
? perform analyses with an intersectional lens to foster community-based solutions,
? measure the effectiveness of existing prevention programs,
? foster leadership in communities, and
? encourage student involvement and leadership in education.

Angus Cockney;Caitlin Herringer;Celine Olsen;Christine Chateau;Clancy McDaniel;Ena Lucia Mariaca Pacheco;Holly Wood;Katherine Leblanc;Katya Druzhynina;Kim Paxton;Lisa Calverley;Mikhaela Gray;Rebecka Bradbury;Tara-Leigh Blankenstein;Yvonne Meredith;Jonas F
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ellen Perrault;Ajwang' Warria
Partner University: