Break down Monolithic Enterprise Applications to Micro-services

Microservices architectures is a new system architecture for building the next generation software system, where multiple single functional microservices can be distributed on different hosts and can communicate with light weighted network protocols. The advantages of such a system architecture are functioning decoupling, independent deployment for easy trouble shooting and easy maintenance. We have foreseen the current monolithic system will migrate to microservices architecture. However, currently there are no clear guidelines and evaluation criteria for breaking down a monolithic system into microservices. We are going to study this problem. The results can be 1) a set of evaluation criteria to evaluate the quality of the design of a microservices system; 2) a methodology and/or an algorithm to break down a monolithic system; 3) flexiable microservice composition.

Mehran Ishanian
Tianen Chen
Wenyu Gu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Weiyi Shang
Partner University: