Bringing dinosaurs into the 2020s: considering current visitation and future virtual tourism possibilities for the Tumbler Ridge Museum and Geopark (BC)

1) Carry out research on existing and potential visitation to Tumbler Ridge with respect to current offerings and to potential Virtual Tourism Experience (VTE)s. Zhang and Meletis will work to conduct a visitor survey-based project during the summer of 2022. They will generate new demographic profiles and qualitative and quantitative data on tourist motivations, experiences, and preferences. Zhang is an international master’s student with experience in online tourism offerings and business models. She will conduct an environmental scan/literature review on VTEs and generating a resource document with recommendations for consideration. 2) Conduct applied academic research in partnership with The Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Geo Park and the Tumbler Ridge Museum, to benefit academic and applied audiences (e.g. government branches; Boards and staff members of the partner organizations). The project will produce new information and insights on current visitation, and generate tailored information on potential future VTE offerings (note: these could benefit local people as well). Resulting outputs will inform Museum and Geo Park planning, and will also interest academic audiences. This project is being designed in consultation with these two partners, and results will be shared in community and organization-appropriate formats.

Yihang Zhang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Zoë A. Meletis
British Columbia
Partner University: