Building the Durham Region Food System Report Card: Assessing the opportunities and gaps in attaining a sustainable and just regional food system (Phase 2)

To address local food system issues like loss of farmland, people without enough food, or climate change impacts, it is important to see such issues as all related. This project will assess Durham Region food system resources, like local research and policy documents, to find strengths, areas to be addressed, and areas to be studied more. It will develop a more comprehensive picture of the local food system. This, along with the input of people who play various roles in the food system and people whose voices may not often be heard, will help in developing report cards to show the health of food system components in all of Durham’s municipalities. This project will help Durham’s residents better understand what is going well in the food system and what needs to change. The lead community organization partner will learn how to better help its community and how to advocate for change with other food system actors.

Jenelle Regnier-Davies;Emma Wood
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sara Edge;Patricia Ballamingie
Partner University: