Building an Innovative Idea Management Tool

The research aims to help the partner company, Analytic Design Group, assess the market potential for developing an Idea Management application, use experience-based analysis to investigate the functionality of an innovative idea management application, and to evaluate the expected returns for undertaking this project. This is carried out by researching the software market for similar applications. Then, an experience-based detailed analysis of the closest matches is done to gather insights from competitors’ application. This will tie qualitative information to any sort of quantitative data the research may come across and put it in context. The qualitative data includes and is not limited to information regarding current competitors’ offerings, market trends and the prospects of similar apps in the North American Market. As a result, ADGI will be able to tweak its proposed app based on research findings which will ultimately help the firm better target the app in the market. An in-depth feasibility study examines the app profitability against all incurring costs of the app and includes, as time allows, an investigation of an international pricing model as an alternative strategy.

Ahmad Khoudari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Darren Paproski