Building a National Ocean Literacy Strategy

This collaborative, pan-Canadian and consultation-based research project will develop an ocean literacy strategy for Canada with the aim of elevating Canadians understanding of the importance of ocean health and their capacity to participate in ways that promote a sustainable ocean ecosystem and economy. The interns will respectively coordinate the overall national consultation process (pdf#1), facilitate regional consultations (pdf #2; pdf #3; pdf #4; intern #5) and synthesize regional reports into a draft national strategy (pdf #1; intern #6). Partner organizations will benefit from strengthened network relations - both existing and new - as well as from the extended reach of this project across five regions of Canada. Reciprocally, the Canadian community will benefit from the collaborative partnerships in this project on account of each partnerÂ’s vested interest in strengthened public engagement in ocean conservation, citizen science, behaviour change-oriented education, industry innovation and policy efforts.

Jen McRuer
Sarah MacNeil
Lisa (Diz) Glithero
Julia Ostertag
Faculty Supervisor: 
Whitney Lackenbauer
Sonia Wesche
Boris Worm
Claudio Aporta
Partner University: