Building Systems Operational Dashboard and Analysis

Mircom is a Canadian Company that operates as a global player the building solutions sector and is the largest independent fire alarm and control system manufacturer in North America, with product lines spanning Fire Alarm and Emergency Audio, Communications, and Security and brands include Mircom™ Secutron™, and U.E.C.™ United Export Corporation. This project will boost Mircom’s competitiveness in global markets by using data effectively to improve operating margins. Using Mircom’s large repository of sales, manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory data, Mircom is collaborating with Seneca’s School of Software Design and Data Science to create advanced systems and tools to support manufacturing and supply chain operations. Objectives of this research are the development of a data lake architecture, which provides a consistent, reliable data repository for real time analytics, and the creation and training of machine learning and artificial intelligence-based tools to rapidly provide optimized pricing information and supply chain transparency.

Aracelli Elizabeth Tumbalobos Cubas;Saihong Xiao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mark Buchner
Partner University: