Business Analyst (BA) Impact on Business Agility and Data Analytics

Digital Transformation of business, combined with globalization through outsourcing, has create an increasingly fast-paced, competitive environment for most businesses. Additionally, new disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are just beginning to open new opportunities for the next wave of Digital Transformation. Agile concepts have accepted in information systems (IS) development for more than two decades. Today, many organizations dedicate agile teams to create new digital products for rapid implementation, while many business units have begun to adopt an agile approach to accelerate how the business unit operates.
In parallel with agile business, the rise of data analytics (sometimes called Big Data) has been apparent for over a decade. 80% of executives believe their businesses will be disrupted by digital technology soon, about two years, and they believe that data and analytics will be the key to their corporate survival. This research will explore how business analysis can contribute to enterprise agility and data driven decisions.

Heli Shah
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ron Babin
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