Canadian School Food Program Survey and Research Briefs

Internationally, school food programs (SFPs) are one of the most successful drivers of improved health, education, and economic growth. Yet, Canada is among the minority of countries without a nationally harmonized SFP. This project involves the creation of research briefing notes on key areas of impact of SFPs to support the Coalition for Healthy School Food’s (part of Food Secure Canada) engagement with the federal government. Second, building on Ruetz & McKenna, 2021 on the first nationwide survey of SFPs, the survey tool will be enhanced to collect updated data from provincial and territorial SFP funders to assess the breadth and gaps of student access to SFPs. These results will serve as a catalog of SFPs that could form the basis of a Canadian School Food Program Monitoring System for program enhancement and future research.

Amberley Ruetz
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rachel Engler-Stringer
Partner University: