CanDo: A Smart App for Cognition

We propose to leverage social networking in a series of apps designed to improve the quality of life for persons with cognitive disabilities. We believe the success of companies for recreational athletes, some with over 15 million users, is linked to motivation and partnering, in addition to the analysis and tracking features. Building on our previous research and these applications for recreational athletes, we plan to evolve our user-centric model for personalized interfaces, data collection, and analytics for persons with cognitive disabilities and their caregivers. The methodology research advances the understanding of not only how to create intelligent apps for persons with cognitive disabilities but also in multi-user scenarios such as between the person with cognitive disabilities and their caregivers. Our  investigation for the proposed app includes designing to support both the planning phase and the excursion phase of a local outing that might also involve public transit.

Celina Berg, Yagiz Onat Yazir & Halimat Alabi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yvonne Coady
Nigel Livingston
Jillian Code
Ron Skelton
British Columbia