Cannabinoid Formulation for Consumer Beverages

This project, a collaboration between Peak Processing Solutions of Windsor Ontario, and the Trant Team at the University of Windsor seeks to design new ways to incorporate cannabinoids, the active components of cannabis, into consumer products. Cannabinoids are not dissolvable in water, and so you need to mix them with little fat bubbles, rather like milk, to make sure they are evenly distributed. The problem is that any given formula is highly specific to the nature of the product: change the acidity, sweetness, carbonation, alcohol, or shift to a cream, milk, ointment or other system, and the formula must change too. Finally, even when formulas are developed, they are not generally stable; many commercial cannabis products have variable cannabis content. This project aims to overcome all these challenges, and by doing so will also drive innovation in fundamental formulation and analytical chemistry science.

Michael Krause;Ezequiel Silva Nigenda;Mana Dashti;Kanchan Sinha Roy;Aiyireti Dilinaer;Sarah Hassanzadehroknabadi
Faculty Supervisor: 
John Trant
Partner University: