Canola produced under boreal conditions is an enhanced source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids to improve human health

Omega-3 PUFAs are dietary components that have been extensively recognized for their therapeutic value and have shown diverse therapeutic effects including anti-inflammatory, antiarrhythmic, antithrombotic, immunomodulatory, and antineoplastic activities. We observe, NL canola oil possesses high concentrations of the unique essential omega-3 PUFAs and other bioactive phytonutrients conferring important health promotive benefits. We seek to develop a suite of innovative health products capitalizing on the unique functional ingredients of NL Canola to improve consumers health outcome. For example, developed NL canola oil-based food and non-food products could have applications in improving human health and nutrition, considering the known roles of omega-3 FAs, phytosterols and MAcDG in reducing the risk factors for common lifestyle related diseases. This project will be of benefit to consumers and the industrial partners due to the emerging class of bioactive or functional lipids in NL canola oil which has exhibited promising nutritional, medical, and industrial applications.

Albert Sey
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raymond Thomas
Partner University: