Capturing expert model in crisis management using SYnRGY

SYnRGY is a computational tool designed to support command and control operations in the context of crisis management. Although SYnRGY has been designed from a user-centered perspective, some degree of training is required to bring novice users up to a level of competence required to use the system. The objective of the current proposal is to capture the expert model of crisis management and design a prototype intelligent tutoring system based on that model. The objective will be achieved in three phases. The purpose of the first phase is to develop a realistic crisis management scenario. The second phase will involve human in-the-loop simulation with experts. The objective of this phase is to capture experts’ knowledge in formal model. Finally, the third phase is devoted to integrating the expert’s model in a prototype intelligent tutoring system. Thales is confident that this project will contribute to improve efficiency of training for crisis management in general and for SYnRGY specifically.

Jean-Franis Gagnon
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Sebastien Tremblay