The carbon abatement potential of pine beetle affected wood biochar in British Columbia

This project aims at providing a comprehensive appreciation of the net carbon capture potential of using pine beetle affected wood as feedstock for biochar (a carbon rich material) production and use throughout British Columbia. The carbon capture potential will be assessed by balancing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, transport, and amendment of the biochar on agricultural fields with a model of the soil carbon and plant growth impact of biochar addition. Doing so, the project aims to identify areas with high carbon capture potential and, conversely, areas with limited to no carbon capture potential through pine beetle affected wood biochar addition. Theses novel and highly valuable insights aim to inform both the science and policy communities about a long-term carbon capture solution while participating in solving biomass management and soil fertility challenges specific to the Province.

David Lefebvre
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jean-Thomas Cornelis
British Columbia
Partner University: