Carbon Materials Production and Utilization

Developed advanced carbonaceous materials from processed biomass is of interest for integration into a variety of high performance applications including, plastics, rubbers, adsorbents, and chemicals. Origin Materials has a patented process that converts waste biomass into 5-chloromethlyfurfural (CMF), furfural and hydrothermal carbon (HTC) as a by-product. This research project will examine the high-quality HTC by-product and identify an economically feasible valorization pathway, as well as preparation and property evaluation of surfactants derived and the potential to use furan-based aldehydes (i.e. CMF) as wood adhesives.

Hooman Paysepar
Ghazaleh Chegini
Md Abdul Mumin
Donghan Liu
Manju Gurung
Faculty Supervisor: 
Paul Charpentier
Charles Xu
Jean Duhamel
Dominic Pjontek
Partner University: