Carbon sequestration through 3 novel biomass-based methods and opportunity for integration into carbon offset markets.

Biocoal is made from wood charcoal and a binder. Biocoal made by BC Biocarbon is made to replace coal in high temperature combustion uses. As biocoal is similar to coal, it is thought to be used to store carbon in the ground. This project hopes to demonstrate the carbon storage ability of biocoal, plastic-sealed wood, and bitumen-bound wood.

Experiment conditions for each product will include landfill, surface environment, indoor room temperature, and frozen for one year. The project business partner, BC Biocarbon, will also benefit from a research project on how to sell their carbon-based products in a carbon offset or carbon storage market.

Results after one year will better show the carbon storage ability of biocoal, plastic-sealed wood and bitumen-bound wood. Also, this research will help show how biocoal, plastic-sealed and bitumenbound wood waste may be used for large scale carbon reducing programs for limiting climate change.

Geoff de Ruiter
Faculty Supervisor: 
Steve Helle
British Columbia
Partner University: