Career Stage, Age, and Gender on Employees’ Ethical Challenges: a Canadian Perspective

Corporate employees face a range of ethical pressures and challenges; in some cases, employees fail at these challenges, and the result is often bad for employees, for employers, and for the Canadian public. Ethics education in post-secondary settings and corporate ethics training may help, but needs to be designed in a way that takes account of the specific kinds of challenges and pressures employees actually face. First-hand testimony suggests young people (in their 20s) face special challenges and special risks because of their junior status in the workplace. Likewise, testimony suggests that women face different challenges than men. This research aims to gather evidence about these patterns in order to create better tools for ethics education and training. This research is expected to help CleaVview Strategic Partners understand how to improve their products and services, and to help their clients improve upon their own ethics programs and ethics communication strategies.

Sahar Ahadi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Chris MacDonald
Partner University: