Case Study Scenarios and Videos for Intercultural Competence Acquisition

To develop intercultural competence and further manage potential cultural-related challenges for international students and trainees, the intercultural competence acquisition experiences are explored in this study. The objective of this Mitacs project is to design and analyze users’ experience with six case study scenarios (Scaffolds, Scripts, & Videos) for training in intercultural competence. The scenarios correspond to Bennett's Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, which promotes a movement from Denial --> Defense --> Minimization --> Acceptance --> Adaptation --> Integration. Scenario methodologies are adopted to reflect DMIS framework; User Experience (UX) methodology is adopted to understand the experiences of the students’ or trainees’ interaction with the case study scenarios. ToE established by Coxon guides interview data collection in this study. The ADDIE model is adopted for instructional design and Agile development is used for production.

Jennifer Jing Zhao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stephen Petrina;Sandrine Han
British Columbia
Partner University: