Cave to Mill: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Linking Orebody Knowledge, Footprint Reliability and Sensor-Based Sorting to Improve Safety and Productivity

The proposed research project aims to develop and verify new technologies and numerical tools directed at six main research focus areas: 1. Orebody Knowledge, 2. Grade Management, 3. Cave Mine Design, 4. Integrated Cave-to-Mill, 5. New Measurement Technologies, and 6. Hazard Management. This project will also see the establishment of a multidisciplinary research network, the International Caving Research Network, to be directed at maintaining Canada’s competitiveness in the international mining industry. The research will see several interns working closely with industry to help optimize value and ensure worker safety in deep underground mass mining operations. The research network includes a multi-disciplinary group of representatives from industry and academia covering the fields of geology, cave mining, geomechanics, and mineral processing.

Justin Roy;Masoud Rahjoo;Thierry Lavoie;Santiago Seiler;Mahir Can Cetin;Stefan Nadolski;Jovian Varian;Mostafa Gorjian
Faculty Supervisor: 
Erik Eberhardt;Bern Klein;Craig Hart;Scott McDougall
British Columbia
Partner University: