Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects 2015

The Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects consists of five sub-projects sponsored by four different industry partners. Each sub-project represents an important challenge for its sponsor. These sub-projects include using analytics to optimize sawmill production for Interfor; production planning for Tree Island; developing text-mining techniques to enable WorkSafeBC to predict and prevent workplace accidents; using Twitter data to enrich Boeing Canada’s maintenance and operations planning tools; and performing human resources analytics to improve Boeing Canada’s workforce planning.

Yao Tang
Siamak Farahmand
Zhihao Guo
Sheng Qiu
Alex Dueck
Haider Shah
Benjamin Squire
Bingjing Yu
Mei Moyan
Hans Aisake
Jodie Man-Ying Lam
Christopher Pang
Qian Zhang
Ravi Khandelwal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Harish Krishnan
British Columbia
Partner University: