CFD Modeling and Unsteady Physics of Two-phase Flow in Aero-Engine Bearing Chamber

The primary role of the lubrication system of aero-engines is to remove the excess heat generated by the movement of the bearings, gears and shafts. An aircraft engine has bearing chambers to contain the oil used for lubrication and excess heat removal. Inefficient scavenging of the oil out of the bearing chamber can result in overheating of the bearing chamber parts. A better understanding of the flow phenomena of the air and oil mixture in the bearing chamber can allow better chamber design and bearing controls to avoid overheating by scavenging the oil out efficiently. This research project will computationally produce both 2D and 3D models of the flow phenomena of the air-oil mixture within a bearing chamber. Results from this research will be used to propose operational conditions and geometries of an aero-engine bearing chamber to optimize the lubrication system with minimal oil consumption.

Sabiha Ulfat Bhuiyan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rajeev Jaiman
British Columbia
Partner University: