Characterization of aerosols generated by various dental procedures

Dental procedures generate a large quantity of airborne droplets. With the concern that COVID-19 transmits through respiratory droplets, dental personnel are at high risk of being exposed to the virus if an asymptomatic patient comes to their clinic. However, limited studies have been performed on the characterization of aerosols generated during dental procedures, how far these aerosols may travel in the clinic, and if they accumulate during the day.
This lack of information leaves dental regulators to give guidelines to their members without having enough information to make appropriate decision for personnel and patient protection, as well as disinfection procedures.
The objective of the study is the characterize aerosols generated by various dental procedures. The study will also look at how far these particles travel inside a dental clinic and if there is a risk of accumulation during the day.

Ataollah Rafiee Tabrizi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Bernadette Quémerais;Paul Major
Partner University: