Characterization and behavioural studies on Psilocybe mushrooms and related psychotropic compounds

This MITACs proposal seeks funding to establish an internship cluster dedicated to researching novel psychedelic compounds for the purposes of treating clients suffering from PTSD and anxiety using its comprehensive psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy treatment model. The objective of this one-year project is to characterize the chemical composition of psychedelic mushrooms, optimizing extraction process, testing extracts and active compounds on insect model, in order to advance the science around the use of psilocybin in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Specifically, intern will investigate how unique compounds present in specific mushroom strains work together to facilitate treatment.

Dayna Forsyth
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nicoletta Faraone;Suzie Currie;Kirk Hillier
Nova Scotia
Partner University: