Characterization and Improvement of Interfacial Properties of Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Hybrid Aqueous Batteries

Using surface characterization techniques, the relationship between the surface hydrophilicity level of the positive electrode and the electrochemical performance of a rechargeable aqueous battery system will be investigated. Oxygen is generated during the battery operation due to the decomposing of water, the solvent for the electrolyte, and may cover the surface of the positive electrode, thus hinder the battery operation. It is postulated that in the case of hydrophilic cathode, the oxygen bubbles created inside the battery will not prevent the wetting of the positive electrode with the aqueous electrolyte. Hence, a more hydrophilic electrode material will enhance the cycling stability and eliminate capacity fading of the battery system. Effect of different components of the positive electrode and the electrolyte will be investigated using surface characterization and electrochemical techniques in this research.

The Nam Long Doan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pu Chen
Project Year: