Characterization and modification of a novel UVC-LED air disinfection chamber

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the quick disease transfer through airborne pathogens transmission specifically in the indoor environment, technologies such as UV-C air disinfection devices received significant attention. Industry rushed to market with a variety of solutions claiming to solve the issue and many of them already in question, leaving policy makers and the public confused. Therefore, more than ever, the public, policymakers and regulators are demanding science-backed data to validating the claims of commercially available technologies, including UV-C.
This project aims to quantitatively characterize a novel UV-C air disinfection chamber designed by Origen Air in collaboration with the University of British Columbia. Prof. Mohseni's research group has established significant expertise using pathogen surrogates to determine and validate viral inactivation rates.

Leili Abkar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Madjid Mohseni
British Columbia
Partner University: