Characterization of humic substances to enhance resilience in crop production

Humic substances are naturally occurring, carbon-rich organic compounds that originate from the decomposition and transformation of plant, animal, and microbial biomass. They are ubiquitous in the environment, and constitute a broad, heterogeneous group of closely related macromolecules with similar properties but varying sizes and chemical structures. In this project, the University of Windsor is partnering with BioLiNE Corp. to characterize humic and fulvic acids in order to develop a better understanding of their chemical structure, functional group variation, and nutrient complexing properties. This project will take an ecological approach and will help BioLiNE Corp. improve their proprietary humic and fulvic based biostimulants, which are applied in agricultural systems to enhance crop production.

Jolie Gareis
Faculty Supervisor: 
Catherine Febria
Partner University: