Characterization of probiotics anti-apoptotic activity

Despite the high prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel diseases (IBD) in industrialized countries, particularly in Canada, the mechanisms controlling these debilitating gastrointestinal pathologies remain poorly understood. IBD is though to arise from an uncontrolled immune response to the intestinal microbiota, inducing a persistent inflammatory reaction in the gut. Death of epithelial cells and loss of epithelial barrier function are posited as key pathogenic events enabling bacterial translocation and the establishment of chronic inflammation. Probiotics have been shown to prevent loss of intestinal epithelial barrier function, but the underlying mechanisms are not understood. We
have shown that probiotics can specifically inhibit apoptosis of intestinal epithelial cells. We are proposing to decipher the molecular mechanisms involved in this protection in order to gain a better insight in the signaling pathways affected by probiotics.

Alexandre Morizot
Faculty Supervisor: 
Maya Saleh