Childhood Healthy Weights Early Intervention Program: Scale-up

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a family-based intervention targeting families of children who are off the healthy weight trajectory. The EIP is a 10-week program offered at community centers across BC where children and their families meet once a week for 90 minutes as well as online. Parents will be provided with healthy lifestyle content and will engage in discussions on how to engage in health behaviours, and children will participate in physical activities aiming to enhance their motor skills. Families will also have access to a web portal with content and suggestions of activities to be completed. The Childhood Obesity Foundation will benefit by working with experienced graduate students (M.Sc and PhD) to evaluate the implementation and the effectiveness of EIP. The intern will contribute with previous experience and innovative perspectives on the use of technologies to promote behaviour change in low income and diverse populations.

Bianca Desilva;Megan Perdew;Brenda Adams;Dimas Adiputranto
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sam Liu;Patti-Jean Naylor
British Columbia
Partner University: