Chirps for thought

The global meat demand is expected to roughly double by 2050. While the livestock sector monopolizes a lot of land, food and water, edible insects constitute as an interesting alternative to lower environmental stress. Even though almost a quarter of the world population regularly eat insects, their widespread adoption is impeded by the disgust factor and high production costs. In order to facilitate the introduction of edible insects as a locally-produced source of protein for urban populations, this project will see the implementation of a cricket farm promoting community engagement assessing consumer behavior. It will also offer educational programs and provide cricket farm installation services allowing for more people to engage in urban agriculture and diversifying production exchanges between urban farmers. Alvéole would also greatly benefit from this project by diversifying both their insect domestication and educational services, while expanding their range of insect by-products on the market.

Didier Marquis
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jordan LeBel
Project Year: