CO-Away: A Rapid Response Digital Tool to Tackle COVID-19

When our society has faced existential threats in the past, we have banded together to use the technology at hand to overcome them. The COVID-19 outbreak is one such threat that requires the same level of societal effort today. However, in the 21st century, we can combine social innovation, citizen science, and digital epidemiology to harness the power of the ubiquitous digital tools that almost all members of our society have in hand. We must bring together people and provide them with the ethical surveillance tools they need to help them overcome their fear, be better informed, and help our health and financial systems monitor the situation. CO-Away would be one such digital epidemiological app that will leverage the approach of SMART Platform in integrating ethical surveillance, integrated knowledge translation, and policy and behaviour interventions. SMART Platform is being implemented through the Digital Epidemiology and Population Health Laboratory (DEPtH Lab) at JSGS.

Eric Kwabia;Prasanna Kannan;Luan Manh Chu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Tarun Katapally
Partner University: